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Abell Audio - Professional Audip Repair - Columbus Ohio


Dan “Doc” Abell

Owner / Technical Lead / Fearless Leader

Dan Abell started building guitar amplifiers from scratch back in 1968 for his high school rock band and, by 1973, was working in local music stores repairing a wide variety of guitar amp equipment.  Soon after, in 1975, Dan signed on as the sound engineer/technician for one of the biggest rock bands ever produced by Columbus, The Godz.

By 1978, Dan joined the fray of elite Sound Engineers for “Sound Advocate” pro-sound company, earning the position of Head Technician in charge of all electronic maintenance and cabling.

Then, in 1984, Dan moved out on his own and Abell Audio was born.



Vern Peltomaa

Senior Technician / Keyboard Specialist / Stocker of “Birkens”

Vern received an Electrical Engineering degree from The Ohio State University in 1988 and came to Abell Audio in 1995. He remains active in the Columbus music scene as frontman for the band, Local Color.





Matt Duckworth

Registered Technician / Tube Amp Specialist / A “Straight-Shooter”

Matt holds a BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design, is an active part of the local music community, and has a true talent for breathing new life into vintage tube amps.






Chris Forbes

Chris has a B.S. in Telecommunications from Ohio University, twenty years of experience in live sound reinforcement and studio engineering, and is active in the local music community.

In his spare time, Chris teaches a weekly break-dancing class at the Sunnydale Assisted Living Complex.






Harold LaRue

A recovering software developer, Harold joined Abell Audio in 2004 with over thirty years of experience in music performance, live sound, and studio engineering. He brings a unique set of skills to the team, serves on the Groove U Advisory Panel, and is a member of IATSE Stagehands Local 12.











909 King Avenue - Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43212
(614) 299-2383

Hours of Operation

M-F: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Sat: 12:00pm to 2:00 pm
Sun: Closed

Abell Audio, Inc. provides the highest quality repair services on all professional audio equipement. Our friendly staff is ready to help in our shop or at your location in Ohio. We do warranty repair on solid-state and tube power amps, keyboards, audio mixers, effects devices, musical instrument amps, analog tape recorders, and related items. Some of the brands we do warranty repair on: Allen & Heath, Ampeg, Audiocentron, Audiochoice, Behringer, Community, Crate, Crest, Crown, Eden, Electro-Voice (electronics), Fender, Genz Benz, Kawai, Korg, Kurzweil, Line 6, Mackie, Marshall, Nord, Novation, Orange (with prior authorization from company), Peavey, Phonic, QSC, Randall, Roland/Boss/Edirol, Soundtech, Spirit/Soundcraft, Studiologic/Fatar, Sunn, SWR, Tapco, Tascam, TurboSound, Vestax, Vox, Wharfdale, Yamaha, and more.

© 2013 Abell Audio