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Abell Audio - Professional Audip Repair - Columbus Ohio


Cheap Nizoral Without Prescription (Nizoral), Ketoconazole 10 Mg -

1) Shop labor rate is $120 per hour in 1/4 hour increments. MINIMUM CHARGE IS $60. Service call rate is $150 for first hour, $120 per add’l hour. Outside I-270 is $1.65 per mile each way. Charges are due when item is picked-up unless on account.

2) $60+tax non-refundable fee due when unit is dropped off here for repair (except warranty repairs).  NOTE: Many keyboards, large-format mixing consoles, and large tube amplifiers require a minimum of one hour of labor; a deposit of $120 is required for these items.

3) $100 rush fee for next-on-bench, $50 rush fee for 7-10 days (including warranty repairs.) Fee is in addition to repair charges. We will make every effort to complete the repair on time. Abell Audio cannot be responsible for manufacturer shipping mistakes or parts availability problems. Customer is responsible for any rush shipping charges and shipping charges not covered by warranty.

4) Estimates under $120 will be given by request only. We will repair the unit unless repair cost will exceed its worth.

5) Customer can state the not-to-exceed cost. We will proceed at our option as well as possible.

6) Customer must present bill-of-sale for in-warranty repair at time of drop-off.

7) Customer is responsible for data backup and restoration Battery replacement will sometimes erase user and factory sounds. ABELL AUDIO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOUNDS AND DATA LOSS!

8) There is a $60 minimum charge for no-problem-found situation. THIS INCLUDES MOST WARRANTY ITEMS. Charge may be higher on microprocessor-based items. READ YOUR OWNER’S MANUAL FOR PROPER OPERATION!

9) There is a $1 per day storage fee on items still here 30 days. Items left over 90 days will be considered abandoned and property of Abell Audio.



909 King Avenue - Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43212
(614) 299-2383

Hours of Operation

M-F: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Sat: 12:00pm to 2:00 pm
Sun: Closed

Abell Audio, Inc. provides the highest quality repair services on all professional audio equipement. Our friendly staff is ready to help in our shop or at your location in Ohio. We do warranty repair on solid-state and tube power amps, keyboards, audio mixers, effects devices, musical instrument amps, analog tape recorders, and related items. Some of the brands we do warranty repair on: Allen & Heath, Ampeg, Audiocentron, Audiochoice, Behringer, Community, Crate, Crest, Crown, Eden, Electro-Voice (electronics), Fender, Genz Benz, Kawai, Korg, Kurzweil, Line 6, Mackie, Marshall, Nord, Novation, Orange (with prior authorization from company), Peavey, Phonic, QSC, Randall, Roland/Boss/Edirol, Soundtech, Spirit/Soundcraft, Studiologic/Fatar, Sunn, SWR, Tapco, Tascam, TurboSound, Vestax, Vox, Wharfdale, Yamaha, and more.

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